A day camel tour in the Morocco desert

Morocco desert camp in Mhamid – camel tour for a day – Sahara experience – Morocco camel excursion

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  • Departure from M'hamid El Ghizlane
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  • Overnight in a Sahara desert camp

A day camel tour in the Sahara

Camel tour Morocco desert –  Desert camel excursion tour during your stay at the desert camp -Sahara desert trip 

Camel tour in the Sahara

During your stay in the desert camp in Mhamid, enjoy a day camel tour in the Sahara.

Discover the beautiful dunes of the Morocco desert! Camel riding in the Morocco desert.

It’s a Morocco desert trekking tour for a day.

A day camel tour in the Sahara: an ideal activity for your stay in our desert camp!

It’s a day trip to the desert. The Morocco Sahara camel tour allows living an authentic Morocco desert experience! Your Sahara camel excursion begins in the morning. 

You will go to the desert for a day. The guides are the nomads. You can walk or do a ride on the back of a camel. 

Lunch will be done in the shade of the tamarisk. Then, the caravan will advance on the golden dunes. You also go through flat places covered with stones (hamadas). The Morocco desert camel excursion will let you discover different facets of the Sahara. This excursion is recommended for adventurers or those who like camel trek. In the late afternoon, you come back to our desert camp. 

Dinner around a fire and overnight in a nomadic tent.

The day Sahara camel excursion tour includes:

  • a night in our Morocco Sahara desert camp in Mhamid,
  • and the activity of the camel tour.

The day camel tour in the  Morocco desert in the Sahara will make you discover the dunes of the desert of Mhamid.

Where to find the turbans?

The camel excursion Morocco desert requires the wearing of a cap or a turban. Your guides will teach you to tie this accessory like a real nomad! You will find turbans in the village of M’hamid before departure for the excursion.

It is also possible to enjoy a walk in the desert and a camel ride for 1 hour or 2.

Why choose a camel tour for your Sahara holidays?

The day camel tour in the Sahara desert is interesting for many reasons. It’s a perfect activity for your stay in a Morocco desert camp. 

  • Do you want to discover the Sahara desert? What better than a camel tour with nomads!
  • It’s a hiking and camel riding program,
  • You will spend a night in a desert camp in Mhamid, in a traditional tent!
  • All the delicious meals prepared on spot,
  • You will meet Sahrawi nomads and learn more about their lifestyle and culture,
  • You will enjoy a Sahara camel excursion tour.

Camel ride Morocco

How to come to M’hamid?

Mhamid is located at 260km from Ouarzazate and 460km from Marrakech. Several means of transport are available to go to M’hamid.

  • You can come to M’hamid by car, bus or taxi. You can also rent a car. 
  • A private taxi transport could be organized to M’hamid El Ghizlane. 
  • We can also organize a private transfer or a group transfer from the city of your arrival.
  • Transport between the village and the nomadic camp in the desert is provided.

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